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BombRisk - instant online system

BACTEC International Ltd and F!ND MAPS have developed an online mapping tool to help contractors, clients and consultants assess risks posed by unexploded bombs on sites earmarked for construction projects.

Released in: 2013:08:08

The Managing Director of Sales for Dynasafe Protection Systems and the Business Development Manager of the Dynasafe G

Released in: 2013:08:08

Area Clearance for the Construction Sector

One of the major challenges for construction companies is to confirm that the ground they intend to build on is free of potentially dangerous unexploded ordnance or landmines. Examples are UK and Europe, where unexploded ordnance (UXO) and remnants of war (ERW) from WWI and WWII are still in evidence. It is possible for UXO to lie dormant for decades after their original planting; it is imperative that such material is removed, for the safety of all the stakeholders involved in the project, for the surrounding infrastructure and for the environment. Dynasafe Area Clearance Group provides experience and expertise in assessing the danger posed in such areas and in removing the threat.