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BombRisk - instant online system

BACTEC International Ltd and F!ND MAPS have developed an online mapping tool to help contractors, clients and consultants assess risks posed by unexploded bombs on sites earmarked for construction projects.

Released in: 2013:08:08

The Managing Director of Sales for Dynasafe Protection Systems and the Business Development Manager of the Dynasafe G

Released in: 2013:08:08

Quality Management Systems

Dynasafe Area Clearance maintains the quality of its operations through the development, execution and maintenance of an active Quality Management System (QMS). Through having a documented QMS and Quality Policy, a system for regular and consistent review and accountability for quality for senior management, the group ensures that it continually provides a service that is underpinned by rigorous quality management.


Quality management systems extend beyond office activities being fully applied to field operations as well. All mine action and EOD activities are carried out in accordance with International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and all country-specific National Technical Standards and Guidelines (NTSGs).


To highlight our commitment to Quality Management, Dynasafe Area Clearance companies are all ISO 9001:2008 accredited.