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BombRisk - instant online system

BACTEC International Ltd and F!ND MAPS have developed an online mapping tool to help contractors, clients and consultants assess risks posed by unexploded bombs on sites earmarked for construction projects.

Released in: 2013:08:08

The Managing Director of Sales for Dynasafe Protection Systems and the Business Development Manager of the Dynasafe G

Released in: 2013:08:08

EOD Consulting

Dynasafe Area Clearance Group offers a range of EOD consultancy services. We tailor our services to meet the individual requirement and the specific needs of the client. Find out more about our EOD consulting services below.


Desktop Threat Assessment


A Desktop Threat Assessment provides a comprehensive report on the potential risk posed by unexploded ordnance; it is based upon the site location, extent, source and nature of potential UXO, the likelihood and consequence of encountering UXO related to the proposed use of the site. The report is available in either a standard format or tailored to the client's specific requirements. The report is produced by qualified EOD professionals. When estimating the threat of contamination in an area this report provides the information essential to make an informed decision.




Safeguarding services may be provided on a project basis to clients working in potentially contaminated areas. The service ensures the safe movement of client's staff and assets and increases their awareness to the threat of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW). This approach has been utilised by a number of companies particularly operating in the oil & gas and mineral mining industries. The service is mainly operational during the initial feasibility/exploration phases of a project and this extremely effective risk mitigation tool ensures that valuable budgets are kept to a minimum at this phase.


Risk Assessment


Ahead of operations we are able to provide a report on the known or perceived threat of an area. This enables you to make informed decisions in the event of encountering UXO and also help to shape and implement the appropriate safety procedures. This report may be conducted in line with the client's expected works in each area. The report may be either generic risk reporting or detailed in-depth reporting with area risk analysis.




On behalf of the client we are able to provide third party Quality Assurance/Quality Control of the mine clearance contractors' work. This is an important step in ensuring quality, as it provides assurances that your operations are being conducted to the highest standards, and providing the satisfaction that due diligence and compliance are being implemented. For clients with larger projects we are able to provide the expertise and skills to manage the entire UXO/Mine outputs by using our own expert teams to project manage, coordinate, and direct both the clearance and QA/QC contracts.



Mine Risk Education/Safety Awareness


Dynasafe Area Clearance is able to provide Mine Risk Education (MRE) to a variety of stakeholders. Sessions are planned and delivered according to the general threat of the area and take into account the makeup of the target audience. We have undertaken MRE to large numbers of local communities globally in areas affected by conflict; ranging from school children to rural farming communities. We provide them with important information to educate them in how to recognise, and how to avoid the risks of ERW.


Safety Awareness briefings are available to company personnel operating in contaminated areas ensuring that staff are aware and alert to the dangers of UXO encountered during field operations.


Going one step forward we can also develop a project-specific Mine/UXO Management Plan for the client's organisation.


Embedded Consultancy


We are able to provide qualified and experienced EOD Consultants to be embedded within a company base to provide consultancy on all EOD-related matters for a longer period. The permanent presence of an EOD Consultant means that your operations are always equipped to deal with UXO risks, minimising delays and maximising safety and security.


For further information on how Dynasafe Area Clearance can support your operations, please contact us.