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BombRisk - instant online system

BACTEC International Ltd and F!ND MAPS have developed an online mapping tool to help contractors, clients and consultants assess risks posed by unexploded bombs on sites earmarked for construction projects.

Released in: 2013:08:08

The Managing Director of Sales for Dynasafe Protection Systems and the Business Development Manager of the Dynasafe G

Released in: 2013:08:08

UXO Surveys

To properly assess the likelihood of encountering UXO in an area, an unexploded ordnance survey is required. Surveys may be provided as a standalone service or as part of an integrated clearance solution, providing information to enable you to understand the threat posed to your project and to assist in making an informed decision. Dynasafe Area Clearance offers the following UXO survey techniques:


Non-Technical UXO Survey


A non-technical survey involves the gathering of data with the aim of identifying whether or not a threat exists in the area. This will involve the study of available data, conducting extensive interviews with the local population, researching previous incidents. It will also include obtaining data from local hospitals and medical facilities to establish the number of injuries arising from previous mine or UXO-related incidents.


Technical UXO Survey


A technical survey involves the physical intrusive investigation of an area and is a thorough and accurate method of assessing UXO risk in an area. Conducted by qualified Survey Teams led by experienced Technical Field Managers, the survey data is recorded and retained to ensure subsequent clearance operations remove all identified hazards. At the conclusion of the survey, a report is produced with detailed recommendations on clearance and risk mitigation. This process can result in land handover without full clearance or can reduce the actual contamination footprint by providing factual data.


Non-Intrusive UXO Survey


Dynasafe Area Clearance are able to deploy a variety of non-intrusive survey systems to achieve the required level of detection, dependent upon the type and likely depth of UXO contamination, ground conditions and the depth of clearance required. Magnetometry equipment is used for both total field and gradiometer configurations, as well as electro-magnetic systems. The AGS-1 System is used for the detection of buried ferrous objects and explosive ordnance contamination using non-intrusive techniques. Systems are also available to generate high resolution, sub-surface data, which may be used to interpret underground conditions for the location of possible areas of archaeological interest or burial/disposal pits.


Intrusive UXO Survey


In a situation where UXO may have penetrated to a depth beyond the detection capability of non-intrusive survey systems, or the surface is grossly contaminated with ferrous objects limiting the effectiveness of a non-intrusive system, an intrusive survey would be undertaken.


We are able to use systems that have been developed to rapidly and accurately locate buried ferrous objects which could potentially be unexploded ordnance both on and off shore.


Dynasafe Area Clearance systems incorporate the following features:


Flexible Application. The system may be introduced into the ground from a wide variety of platforms e.g. via a wheeled or tracked rig, jack up barge, rail or in special circumstances by pre-drilling and lining holes and lowering the instrument by hand.


Rapid and Cost effective Data Capture. The system employs a specially developed sensor, which is configured to survey a column of ground as it is vertically introduced. The system quickly and effectively records the vertical depth of a magnetic anomaly, its horizontal distance from the probe and theoretical modelled mass.


Flexible Data Interpretation. We have a proprietary bespoke software system available which is specifically configured for deep UXO detection. Algorithms have been written which analyse the data and produce tailored outputs for clients. This enables us to survey historically difficult sites by filtering out the ambient magnetic signature.


The intrusive technique can be used to provide specific clearance of geotechnical and geo-environmental boreholes, individual piles and pile groups or can be deployed in a matrix pattern for general area clearance.


If the client has a requirement for both geo-technical information as well as clearance for deep buried ordnance, we are able to deploy combined magnetometer and CPT cone providing two data sets as a single operation


For further information on the most suitable type of survey for your operations, please contact us.