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DynaSEALR X-series Overview Guide

Dynasafe Environmental Systems

Dynasafe Environmental Systems (DES) specializes in flue gas cleaning systems and plants that incinerate waste. As a leading player in environmental technology and services, Dynasafe offers a broad portfolio of comprehensive environmental solutions and its scope of activities includes design, engineering, research and development, construction, operations and maintenance of plants and facilities.

Our flue gas cleaning systems are customized to meet our customers' specific requirements. We often combine wet and dry flue gas cleaning. We place great emphasis on ensuring our installations meet emission standards according to applicable EU directives, US standards and anticipate future regulations.

Dynasafe has decades of experience providing environmental solutions that are both feasible for our clients and sustainable for the environment. We have a successful track record of projects completed in Europe, North and South America, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Dynasafe is well-positioned to meet the challenges of protecting the environment and enriching the lives of our fellow man for a cleaner and safer world. Our knowledge can make the difference between a successful project and a costly one.

Our systems include:

  • Treatment for mixed waste streams (toxic or complex gaseous, solid and liquid waste streams)
  • Off-gas treatment systems
  • Safe handling and disposal of explosives/munitions and toxic materials
  • Process equipment designed to handle high peak gas flows and impulse loads from rapid reactions such as deflagrations or detonations
  • Customized mechanical and process solutions
  • Mobile and in place environmental treatment solutions

We have proven products that include challenging operating conditions:

  • A wide range of waste gas flows from very small to very large
  • Highly toxic gas compositions
  • Special mixed gas and liquid compositions
  • Process waste streams with wide ranges of oxygen demand
  • Very high concentrations of acids, organics and heavy metals in waste gas to be treated

Additionally, our systems can be designed to comply with the most restrictive of engineering standards:

  • Chemical and oil and gas industry standards
  • PED/ASME pressure vessel directive
  • US Army QA standards
  • European DIN/ ISO
  • ASTM standards
  • US regulatory bodies