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BombRisk - instant online system

BACTEC International Ltd and F!ND MAPS have developed an online mapping tool to help contractors, clients and consultants assess risks posed by unexploded bombs on sites earmarked for construction projects.

Released in: 2013:08:08

The Managing Director of Sales for Dynasafe Protection Systems and the Business Development Manager of the Dynasafe G

Released in: 2013:08:08

Landmine Clearance

Landmine clearance is paramount to the recovery of communities from conflict and to the safety of local people. Landmines are frequently placed in strategic locations to restrict movement and economic development during periods of conflict. As a result, long after the conflict ends, large areas of land are rendered unsafe and unusable until they are cleared by specialist landmine clearance teams. This harms economic development; towns, villages and agricultural communities are often faced with the loss of livelihoods, and risk severe injury or death as they attempt to rebuild their lives.


With many years of experience and highly developed capabilities in mine action, and through the strict adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures based on International Mine Action Standards, Dynasafe Area Clearance provide flexible and efficient mitigation solutions to clear those areas affected by strategic landmine deployment. Through the execution of these capabilities, Dynasafe helps the affected communities to re-grow through the clearance of roads and land for agriculture and reconstruction of schools, hospitals and houses.


Dynasafe Landmine Clearance is committed to continuing the campaign to remove the danger of landmines from communities all over the world by working alongside global providers of humanitarian aid.