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Career Opportunity with Dynasafe

Dynasafe invents and manufactures technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges associated w

Released in: 2019:01:04
Dynasafe Demil’s Static Detonation Chamber (SDC) undergoes Factory Acceptance Testing for the destruction of mustard munitions

Dynasafe’s Static Detonation Chamber has been selected for the destruction of mustard munitions; part of the chemical

Released in: 2015:08:07


Dynasafe Demil Systems AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2008

Munitions disposal related services

We offer services for the destruction of munitions at our operating plant in Winsen/Aller Germany and other different sites, as well as:


  • Operation services of Dynasafe plants

  • Maintenance services

  • On the job training

  • Test burning of munitions using Dynasafe plant

  • Analytical support (engineering, procedures etc)

  • Chemical analysis equipment – used especially in the field for chemical warfare material and explosives

  • Field laboratory equipment

  • Technological concepts for ammunition disposal