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DynaSEALR X-series Overview Guide


Portable DynaSEALR P3

The DynaSEALR P3 is a small lightweight vessel with gas-tight explosion containment capacity. It can be used for safe storage and transport of chemical and biological agents, explosives, toxic materials or a combination of explosives and toxic materials.

The vessel is formed as a sphere with a circular cover on top for easy loading.

The DynaSEALR P3 will totally contain all effects, such as blast wave and light fragments from a detonating device. The DynaSEALR P3 is manufactured in extra-high strength structural steel and the cover is efficiently sealed with O-rings. A special blast valve ensures a safe release and sampling of gases after a detonation.

Examples of use are transport of explosive devices by air, land or sea and safe storage of explosives in terminals or warehouses. After the suspect object is loaded into the vessel and the unit is closed, it can be moved to a safer location where EOD experts are able to investigate the object without danger to public or property.




Note: The pictures are illustrative examples. Your DynaSEALR-product may look different. All technical data is indicative only. Contact us for further information.

Table field: 
Rated explosion capacity150 g TNTeq
Weight34 kgUnloaded
Diameter310 mmEquals 12.2 inch
Height590 mmEquals 23.2 inch
Max width500 mmLength of handle. Equals 19.7 inch
Maximum size of loaded object (ØxH)85x150 mmEquals 3.3x5.9 inch
Maximum weight of loaded object2 kg
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DynaSEALR P3 closed
DynaSEALR P3 handle turned
DynaSEALR P3 open