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DynaSEALR X-series Overview Guide



With the radiation shielded DynaSEALR X10r mounted on integrated drive unit, you get a remote controlled system with high explosion and CBRN agent containment capacity.

Use the DynaSEALR X10r-DUR to get close to identified dangerous objects in narrow surroundings.

The panel is wirelessly connected to the control cabinet to enable you to be positioned in a safe place while loading and unloading the vessel. Add the optional vision system to get full usage of the remote range of up to 300 m from the vessel. There is also a backup possibility to use a 50 m cable available.

The unit is self-propelled through internal electrical and hydraulic systems with at least an hour of operating time before recharging. Load large objects easily because of the wide opening and the ability to rotate the cover with the loading tray up to 270°.

A flat-bed trailer for long distance transport is included in the system. Loading ramps make it possible to load the unit with the help of a winch.

Contained gases can be kept inside until they are released through a valve system. Dynasafe can offer equipment to take air samples out of the closed and gas-tight vessel, with the purpose to determine if toxic gases are enclosed inside, as well as equipment to clean contained gases and decontaminate the chamber.




Note: The pictures are illustrative examples. Your DynaSEALR-product may look different. All technical data is indicative only. Contact us for further information.

Product data: 

Available options (not included in the standard version)


  • Remote controlled manipulator arm for loading and unloading.
  • Vision system to support the remote control.
  • Heating system, capable of heating the loading tray to approximately 350°C. This will cause explosives to burn, deflagrate or detonate.
  • Fragment shield to protect against fragmentation bombs.
  • Separate gas sampling equipment to take air samples out of the closed DynaSEALR.
  • Decontamination equipment on a separate trailer, to treat contamination inside the closed vessel.
Table field: 
Rated explosion capacity5 kg TNTeq
Gross vehicle weight, unloaded~5600 kgExcl trailer and optional equipment
Width (excl trailer)1630 mmEquals 64.2 inch
Height (excl trailer)1800 mmEquals 70.9 inch
Length, closed (excl trailer or truck)2850 mmEquals 112.2 inch
Maximum size of loaded object (LxWxH)700 x 500 x 450 mm27.6 x 19.7 x 17.7 inch (less with heating)
Maximum weight of loaded object50 kg
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