Dynasafe launches its cost-effective M77 grenade demil system

January 16, 2018

Talladega, Alabama; November 10, 2017- Dynasafe announces the launch of its M77 grenade demil system for the disposal of M77 grenades which are the lethal component of Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) M26 (H104) rocket pods

The Dynasafe M77 demil system can treat up to 3200 M77 grenades per hour. The system is remotely controlled and is fully automated, providing the operator with unsurpassed safety. This turnkey system can also be configured to demilitarize a large array of sub-munitions.

“Multiple-launch rocket system (MLRS) rockets account for a significant part of the demilitarization activity in the United States and Western Europe.  Dynasafe is proud to be part of the efforts of lowering munition stockpiles and repurpose aluminum, copper, and steel found in these harmful devices”, said Holger Weigel, Dynasafe Chief Operating Officer. “Our M77 demilitarization system’s higher throughput lowers the cost of disposal of these munitions and the recycling of associated metals provides governments a source of revenue to finance munition disposal activities.”

Dynasafe is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products, and solutions to address the challenges of UXO and EOD customers worldwide.

About Dynasafe:

Dynasafe protects mankind from threats caused by explosives and hazardous materials. The company is the global market leader in the removal, management, and disposal of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, explosive (CBRNe) materials both on and offshore.

Through its three business units, Area Clearance, Protection Systems, and Demil Systems, Dynasafe is the only global company capable of addressing the entire ordnance disposal value chain.

Dynasafe has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and a strategic network of subsidiaries and sales partners for global reach. The Company has approximately 400 permanent staff and at any one time, a large number of additional contracted staff mainly involved in area clearance projects.

Dynasafe operates in more than 70 countries with customers in both the public and private sectors. Dynasafe’s innovative products and extensive knowledge have made it possible to deliver:

• More than 1,500 unexploded ordnance clearance and demining projects worldwide, both on and offshore

• Over 300 containment chambers and integrated protection systems

• More than 30 chemical and conventional demilitarization plants globally

For more information please contact:

Nicola Puorto: Area Sales / Marketing Manager Nicola.Puorto@dynasafe.com

Holger Weigel: COO and Director of Business Development and Marketing Holger.Weigel@dynasafe.com

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