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Outlining Requirements for a Mobile Explosive Containment Vessel
Released in: 2019:04:25
Dynasafe announces the launch of its Dynalockr F7 and F10 explosive storage chambers


Released in: 2019:04:16

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DynaSEALR X-series Overview Guide


Dynasafe Protection Systems AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2008



The DynaSEALR X16-FM is a frame mounted chamber with enhanced containment capacity, that can be mounted on a transport vehicle, trailer or be used in more stationary applications such as a forensic laboratory.

The DynaSEALR X16-FM was originally developed for transportation and storage of munitions, and it can be equipped with means for carrying and moving packages in which the munitions can be stored.

An internal fragment shield protects against fragment impacts, and leaking chemical fluids.

Opening and closing of the vessel is remotely operated via a 50 m long cable. Large objects can easily be loaded because of the wide opening.

Contained gases can be kept inside until they are released through a valve system. Dynasafe can offer equipment to take air samples out of the closed and gas-tight vessel, with the purpose to determine if toxic gases are enclosed inside, as well as enhanced equipment to clean contained gases and decontaminate the chamber.



Note: The pictures are illustrative examples. Your DynaSEALR-product may look different. All technical data is indicative only. Contact us for further information.

Product data: 

Available options (not included in the standard version)


  • Shaped charge shielding.
  • Wireless (radio remote) control of opening and closing of the vessel as well as pressurizing and decompressing of the seals.
  • Robot buttons for alternative opening/closing by robot.
  • Separate gas sampling equipment to take air samples out of the closed DynaSEALR.
  • Enhanced decontamination equipment.
  • Forensic laboratory equipment including manipulator arms with force feedback and vision system.



Table field: 
Rated explosion capacity2 x 8 kg TNTeqDistributed charge
Weight13000 kgUnloaded
Width, vessel2300 mmEquals 90.6 inch
Height, closed2300 mmEquals 90.6 inch
Height, open2650 mmEquals 104.3 inch
Length, vessel3200 mmEquals 126 inch
Maximum size of loaded object (LxWxH)2000x950x815 mmEquals 78.7x37.4x32.1 inch
Maximum weight of loaded object2 x 700 kgDistributed weight
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Open DynaSEALR X16-FM
DynaSEALR X16-FM front