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Press release - DynaSEALR X 10 and DynaSEALR X 12 approved by DDESB

January 6, 2015 – Reston Virginia – Dynasafe US LLC  today announced that its DynaSEALR X 10 and DynaSEALR X 12...

Released in: 2015:01:08
Dynasafe makes an explosive appearance on Eurosatory 2014 exhibition in Paris

On Tuesday, 17th May, Dynasafe Protection, attended at the Eurosatory 2014 exhibition in Paris; in cooperation with...

Released in: 2014:06:19

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DynaSEALR X-series Overview Guide


Dynasafe Protection Systems AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2008


Small DynaSEALR E4-WFT on wheeled frame with turning opening

With the DynaSEALR E4 mounted on a wheeled frame, you get a small mobile system, which is easy to handle and position.

DynaSEALR E4-WFT can be used for safe storage and transport of chemical and biological agents, explosives, toxic materials or a combination of explosives and toxic materials, and will totally contain all effects, such as blast wave and light fragments from a detonating device.

The vessel can be used in a vast number of applications involving transport, removal and containment of dangerous objects by law enforcement, military units, security companies, organizations and airports.

When the suspect object is loaded into the DynaSEALR and the unit is closed, locked and sealed, it can be moved to a safer location where EOD experts are able to investigate the object without danger to public or property.

The gas-tight DynaSEALR is manufactured in extra-high strength structural steel and the cover is efficiently sealed with a pneumatic seal and O-ring. A valve system ensures a safe release and sampling of gases after a detonation.

The containment vessel is formed as a cylinder with dished ends. It is possible to open one end by hand for easy loading. It is equipped with a loading box and mounted on a four wheel cart for easy transport and handling. The cart can be adjusted manually between two different positions for transportation of the DynaSEALR E4-WFT in horizontal or up-right orientation.




Note: The pictures are illustrative examples. Your DynaSEALR-product may look different. All technical data is indicative only. Contact us for further information.

Table field: 
Rated explosion capacity250 g TNTeq
Weight170 kgUnloaded
Width, closed615 mmEquals 24.2 inch
Height825 mmEquals 32.5 inch
Length1390 mmEquals 54.7 inch
Maximum size of loaded object (LxWxH)400x200x300 mmEquals 15.7x7.9x11.8 inch
Maximum weight of loaded object10 kg
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DynaSEALR E4-WFT closed standing
DynaSEALR E4-WFT manually operated
DynaSEALR E4-WFT loaded