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Outlining Requirements for a Mobile Explosive Containment Vessel
Released in: 2019:04:25
Dynasafe announces the launch of its Dynalockr F7 and F10 explosive storage chambers


Released in: 2019:04:16

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DynaSEALR X-series Overview Guide


Dynasafe Protection Systems AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2008

Dynasafe Gas-Tight Explosion Containment Chambers

The DynaSEALR gas-tight explosive containment chambers are developed in-house by Dynasafe to be gas-tight for repetitive detonations up to the maximum amount of explosives specified.


The gas-tight explosive containment chambers are used to safely secure, contain, transport, store, destroy or test explosives, toxic materials, or combinations thereof. It is law enforcement agencies, first responders, military units, security companies, terrorism security organisations, airports, etc who use this equipment.


The world-leading DynaSEALR X-series of products incorporates the DynaSEALR explosive containment chambers (formerly MECV-B), DynaSEALR E-series (formerly MECV-A), the smaller DynaSEALR P-series and the conveyor belt chamber DynaSEALR C.


All Dynasafe gas-tight bomb disposal chambers are gas-tight up to at least the rated charge (usually 5 or 8 kg TNT-equivalent), up to a minimum of 1+10 repetitive shots (1 is performed during the final acceptance test).


All Dynasafe products are analysed by simulation for structural integrity from charge weights: these range from the rated explosion capacity up to an overload charge many times higher until the chamber reaches rupture point.


All Dynasafe explosive containment chambers are further tested with the rated charge weight, to ensure smooth delivery, high performance and compliance to our high quality standards.


These gas-tight explosive containment chambers provide the highest degree of gas-tightness available on the market.