• Ideal counter-terrorist tool
  • Versatile and mobile alternative to traditional TCVs
  • Can be quickly deployed close to the point of threat
  • Offer greater flexibility to your bomb squad
  • CBRE pneumatic sealing system
Explosive Rating
1 kg/ 2.2 lbs. TNT -eq
Number of repeated detonations
Maximum One-Time Detonation
2 kg/ 4.4 lbs. TNT -eq
Weight and Dimensions
~375 kg/ 826.7 lbs.
Length closed
~1100 mm/ 43.3”
Length open
~1675 mm/ 66”
~670 mm/ 26.4”
~740 mm/ 29”
Door Size
~970 mm/ 38”
Package size (L x W x H)
550 x 400 x 250 mm/ 21.6” x 15.7” x 9.8”
Maximum weight of object
10 kg/ 22 lbs.


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The DynaSEALR Q5 is a versatile and mobile alternative to larger explosive containment chambers. It is the ideal counter terrorist tool, able to be deployed close to the threat and quickly render safe an IED. The Q5 can be mounted on a robotic drive unit or mounted on an SUV or truck and quickly deployed to the scene of a pipe bomb threat, grenade, or small IED.

For enhanced containment of pipe bomb fragmentation, an additional holder is available to center the IED and create optimal distance from the fragment shield.

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