To avoid logistical complications and costs associated with ammunition transportation, many governments opt for mobile demilitarization equipment for disposal of small calibre ammunition. Dynasafe offers transportable systems for your mobile disposal mission.

Datasheet Demil 100

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The D100 is manually operated while the inside destruction chamber is electrically heated. Many layers of forged steel protect the operator from an unexpected explosion of contained items. An enhanced locking ring mechanism and nitrogen-inflated pneumatic seals keep contents completely contained.

The D-100 is fitted with a multi-filtration system that prevents harmful toxic, carcinogenic gases and narcotic fumes produced during the disposal process, from escaping into the atmosphere. The system also include a basket feature that separates the lead from the brass, providing a recycling opportunity to the end user.

Simple controls and manual loading make it easy to operate. Bring disposal operations in-house to save time and costs associated with outsourcing. The system is fixed to a wheeled frame and easy to maneuver.

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