Drawing on 30 years of service to the defense industry.

Dynasafe creates trusted and innovative solutions to address some of the world’s most critical challenges associated with UXO and IED disposal, public safety, and security, making the world a safer place.

Make the world
a safer place.

Our Mission

Dynasafe is committed to making the world a safer and cleaner place by providing an all-encompassing disposal value chain from containment and transport to disposal and recycling of explosive devices and hazardous materials.

Our Vision

To protect mankind from threats caused by explosive devices and hazardous materials.

With our exceptional international experience and strategic network of subsidiaries and sales partners, we have been able to make a considerable impact on the steady destruction of explosive remnants of war and obsolete explosives. With customers in both public and private sectors, Dynasafe has delivered over 400 explosive containment chambers, as well as 40 chemical and conventional demilitarization plants.

Our Core Values are the principles that guide Dynasafe and define how we make the world a safer and cleaner place

Get it Done

Clients trust us the Make the World a Safer and Cleaner Place. We provide solutions that protect life and help our clients complete their specific mission. Delivering results to clients requires a straightforward approach driven by fairness, integrity, and a can-do attitude


We focus on the end-user and the rest will follow. Our approach requires that we listen to our customers, earn their trust and deliver beyond expectations.


We take ownership of our actions, perform our responsibilities, hold each other accountable, adapt to situations as they evolve, act ethically and respectfully, and build trust through transparency.

Continuous Learning

We will work collaboratively and use lessons learned as we develop new strategies and experiences to empower others with knowledge. This requires that we thing deeply and question assumptions. We will take a "learn it, do it, share it" approach in all we do.

Quality Solutions

We create innovative, safe products and services that endure the test of time and assist our clients’ in completing their missions, with a focus on operational excellence.

One Dynasafe

In the Dynasafe team, we all work together to focus on the client's mission and take accountability for the sustainable success of our customers and employees, Our employees are the most valued resources of the company, with each individual considered integral to every success story.

Our History Of Excellence.

Dynasafe AB is established in Karlskoga, Sweden to develop products for protection against explosion effects



First mobile explosive containment chamber is developed and delivered to Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway

Dynasafe was sold to Nammo, Sweden



First demilitarization plant is delivered for the destruction of conventional ammunition

Dynasafe was sold to Olcon AB, one of the founder's family-owned companies.



Second office location is opened in Germany

First chemical demilitarization plant is delivered.



Advanced containment chambers are developed for integration with airport security systems

International private equity firm Perusa purchases the company and establishes Dynasafe Area Clearance Group as part of Dynasafe International AB



Third office location is opened in United States

Dynasafe Area Clearance Group is made up of Dynasafe MineTech, Dynasafe BACTEC, Dynasafe Kampfmittelräumung and Dynasafe Marine Services, specializing in UXO/demining on land or under water.



Perusa sold Dynasafe to an international investment company, Solix Group.

Dynasafe restructures to focus on demilitarization and containment chambers as Area Clearance leaves the Dynasafe group of companies.



Charles Diggs, CEO of Dynasafe, purchases 49% of the company from Solix Group.

CEO Charles Diggs acquires Dynasafe Demil Systems AB Group through his company Gage AB.



Karlskoga, Sweden Langenselbold, Germany Talladega, Alabama, USA Tokyo, Japan

Dynasafe’s dynamic high-quality standards are supported by our individual policies and procedures. Our testing ensures high performance and compliance across all of our products.

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