Mechanical Disassembly

Disassembly and dismantling equipment may be required for munitions with difficult configurations that will not process easily through thermal treatment alone. In contrast to manual disassembly, mechanical disassembly has low staff requirements and high production rates.

Special Band saws

Hydraulically powered saws cut munitions into individual discs. This is used when the munitions total NEQ exceeds the limits for the thermal treatment system. The cutting is usually a preliminary step before further extraction of explosive fill for final destruction or reuse.

Defusing-Extracting Machines

Defuse, deprime, and separate munitions parts all in one machine. These units are used to remove various fuses and fin assemblies from mortars and projectiles.

Other disassembly equipment includes:

  • Small arms ammunition crusher
  • Bomb ring cutter
  • Pull apart machine
  • Safety container
  • Water jet cutting
  • Air Bag disposal system
  • White Phosphorus melt out system

Underwater Band Saws

Hydraulically powered saws cut munitions while completely submerged in a tank containing a colling media. This equipment is especially useful for sensitive explosives and produces far less waste than water jet cutting.

Melt out Systems

A hot water bath is used to extract TNT or TNT-based explosives from shell casings. A wide range of unfused and open munitions can be processed with minor preparation. Separation and sealing of the projectile cavities prevents contamination.


Dynasafe can provide mechanical disassembly technologies that function automatically so that less manpower is required, contributing to high level of safety. Physically dismantling munitions also provides the opportunity to reuse or recover energetic materials and decontaminated metal components. Processes can be controlled remotely and monitored via CCTV. While we offer a variety of disassembly technologies, each demilitarization mission is different, and machinery will be recommended on a case-by-case basis.

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