We design, build, and operate stationary or mobile plants for the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of conventional and chemical munitions.

Disposal Solutions

Munitions Destruction

World leading technology for the safe and large-scale destruction of ammunition, munitions compounds, and other energetic materials. Our solutions have been selected for the destruction of stockpiled and recovered WW2 munitions at various sites worldwide.

Mobile Disposal

Transportable units developed to minimize the logistical challenges and the expense of transporting ammunition to existing demilitarization plants. These eco-friendly disposal solutions can process small to medium caliber ammunition.

Environmental Systems

Eco-friendly solutions to meet even the most restrictive of environmental regulations. Our pollution control systems are engineered to treat a wide range of contaminants that commonly result from conventional or chemical munitions destruction.

Mechanical Disassembly

This machinery is designed for safe dismantling of ordnance, usually as a preliminary step before further processing. By separating the ammunition components, parts can be sorted to recover reusable parts and explosive fill can be accessed. The systems are remotely controlled and monitored via CCTV and open up possibilities for recycling of resulted scrap metal.

Optimal Operator Safety

Our demil systems require minimal human interaction to destroy conventional or chemical munitions. Limited manual interaction or equipment interaction provides ideal working conditions. Processes are remotely controlled and monitored via CCTV from an outside room.

Tailored Solutions

Our experienced engineers develop custom solutions that are practical and meet each demilitarization mission’s specific requirements. The systems are available in different sizes, capacities, and implementations and can be customized further with optional extra equipment and services. Dynasafe experts are available to discuss your demilitarization requirements and select the best technologies to support your needs.