• Bomb proof litter bin increases security
  • Attractive design allows it to blend in at crowded venues
  • Suppresses explosion by absorbing the energy of the blast
  • Captures high-speed fragments that could potentially harm bystanders
  • Ideal for use in venues that draw large public audiences
Litter Sack Volume
29 L /7.6 gallons
Inner Suppression Chamber Volume
73 L / 19.8 gallon
Total Height
800 mm / 31.5”
Outer Diameter Ø
460 mm / 18.1”
Total weight (empty)
100 kg / 220.5 lbs.
Weight of Inner Suppression Chamber
80 kg / 176.4 lbs.


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While traditional trashcans will break off into bits with fragmenting pieces blasting towards people, this suppression chamber directs the blast upwards to minimize damage to surrounding people and property. The effectiveness of the DynaKEEPR L series bomb proof bin has been observed in both live explosive tests and computer simulations and has dramatically demonstrated the improved safety and protection to the public in comparison to the conventional bin.

The bombproof litterbin DynaKEEPR L series has an attractive design while being vital to providing protection. The suppression chamber incorporates a removable bomb suppression insert to offer variable levels of protection without compromising the aesthetics or ease of use. The DynaKEEPR L4’s sleek design allows it to blend in with surroundings, disguised and functioning as a regular trashcan.

Utilizing blast mitigating technology while evacuating nearby areas further decreases risk to both people and infrastructure. This level of security is available to any venue attracting large numbers of people, such as train stations, exhibitions and during major sport, cultural, or political events.

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