Pyrolysis Destruction Chamber

  • Treats contaminated objects with organic substances
  • Decontaminated metal articles are considered 5X
  • Meets all USEPA MACT requirements
  • Qualified for the destruction of RCRA Subpart X materials
  • Adaptable to fit a variety of bulk item processing needs
  • Optional external drilling unit punctures and drains closed drum canisters
  • Saves expenses on waste handling/transportation/storage and disposal
  • Batch-operated system takes bulk feed materials
  • PDC inner chamber can be configured to any size
Operating Temperature
550-600⁰ C/ 1022-1112⁰ F
Voltage Required
400 VC, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Standard Size
Internal Volume
2 m3/ 122047.53”
Inner Diameter
700-970 mm/ 27.5-38.2”
Outer Diameter (with heating elements)
950-1200 mm/ 37.4-47.2”
Outer Diameter (with heating elements and insulation)
1250-1500 mm/ 49.2-59”

Pyrolysis Destruction Chamber

Download a product sheet to see more options and integrations available.

Dynasafe’s Pyrolysis Destruction Chamber is available in different sizes, capacities, and implementations and can be customized even further with optional extra equipment and operations. Dynasafe’s Pyrolysis Destruction Chamber utilizes an indirectly heated pyrolysis system to safely decontaminates inert and combustible materials. The PDC is designed for the decontamination of materials such as personal protective equipment, soil, textiles, scrap, concrete, metal, and organics that have been exposed to bulk and trace explosives, propellants, or toxic substances such as dioxin-contaminated materials.

The batch-operated system is equipped with a loading tray to take bulk feed material as well as reusable loading baskets to facilitate the destruction process.

The PDC can be combined with an optional drilling unit to puncture and drain steel drums of toxic liquid for treatment to keep operators protected from contamination or exposure.

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