Rotary Kiln

As an alternative to OB/OD, Dynasafe’s intelligent munitions destruction technologies are able to treat energetic and hazardous wastes without releasing harmful byproducts into the environment. We filter those harmful byproducts from the demilitarization process through a connected off-gas treatment system to meet emissions standards.

The rotary kiln is an effective destruction technology for non-confined explosives and propellant but can be adapted to treat all types of waste. It is an indirectly heated system for the feeding of explosives and propellant which do not contain Chlorine and Sulfur.

Rotary Kilns are designed to destroy non-encapsulated munitions such as TNT, propellants, previously processed munitions, and small arms ammunition up to 20mm. The material is placed in a long cylindrical vessel which rotates while being heated at high temperatures for a specified retention time.

To keep the material constantly moving, the kiln tilts and rotates while air is flushed through the vessel. This ensures the even distribution of heat and thorough burning of all energetic and organic material. The rotary kiln can be heated by an oil or gas fired jacket, or electrically. A dry off-gas treatment system (OGT) is connected to the kiln to filter pollutants out of the resulting waste gas.

Dynasafe’s Rotary Kiln is available in different sizes, capacities, and implementations and can be customized even further with optional extra equipment and operations.