News from Poelkapelle, Belgium; Wednesday 19 April 2017

April 20, 2017

Dynasafe Demil Plant Poelkapelle Belgium

Yesterday saw the inauguration of the Dynasafe Static Detonator Chamber (SDC) at Poelkapelle in Belgium by the Belgium Ministry of Defence (MOD), attended by military, dignitaries and the Dynasafe team.

This Dynasafe direct turn key installation with the Belgium MOD is now successfully operational and has benefited throughout the project from excellent collaboration from all parties involved.

Annually, in Belgium in excess of 200 tonnes of toxic munitions, a legacy of WWI, are found; this ongoing situation is a serious and dangerous problem, particularly to the farming community and construction industry.

The Dynasafe SDC plant will destroy chemical munitions from WWI in accordance with all environmental regulations; meeting all the requirements of the Belgium law and the EU2000/76 emission directives.

This successful project reaffirms Dynasafe’s position as a leading global supplier of technology in both demilitarisation and systems for protection against explosions”

News item from Belgium
News item from Belgium
News item from Belgium

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