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About Dynasafe

Dynasafe is a technology and innovation leader specializing in the research, design, development, manufacture and integration of explosive containment chambers and demilitarization munitions. We draw on our 25 years history of service to the Defense industry and our culture of continuous improvement to create value for our customers.

Dynasafe has three business units. Demilitarization Systems fabricates and operates ecofriendly systems and plants that safely dispose of conventional and chemical munitions. Environmental Systems offers a wide variety off-gas treatment solutions, as well as treatment solutions for waste from petrochemical, pharmaceutical and demilitarization industry. Protection Systems fabricates containment chambers that allow first responders to safely contain, transport and dispose of improvised explosives, chemical and radiological devices.

Dynasafe has been in business since 1991. We operate in more than 70 countries with customers in both the public and private sectors. We delivered in excess of 350 gas-tight and vented explosive containment chambers and 30 chemical and conventional demilitarization plants globally.