Dynasafe’s SDC undergoes Factory Acceptance Testing for the destruction of mustard munitions

August 07, 2015

Dynasafe’s Static Detonation Chamber has been selected for the destruction of mustard munitions; part of the chemical weapons stockpile currently in storage at the Blue Grass Army Depot, in Kentucky USA.

Site preparation and construction of the state of the art Blue Grass Chemical Agent Destruction Plant progresses, however the fabrication and the testing of the actual unit is conducted overseas. The Dynasafe Static detonation Chamber is expected to be shipped and to arrive at the Blue Grass Plant around August 2015.

For a full update on this project and the details of the SDC Factory Acceptance Testing undertaken at the Dynasafe workshop in Kristinehamn Sweden, please follow the link:

News from the BGCAPP Construction Site, July 2015 

The Blue Grass Plant in Kentucky USA

The Control Room operators at the Dynasafe work shop in Sweden; monitoring the Factory Acceptance testing of the Static Detonation Chamber

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