Dynasafe announces the launch of its DynaLOCKR F7 and F10 explosive storage chambers

April 16, 2019

Karlskoga, Sweden – April 15, 2019 – Dynasafe announces the launch and availability of the
DynaLOCKR F7 and DynaLOCKR F10.

“Our DynaLOCKR F7 and F10 explosive storage chambers allow first responders to store tactical explosive tools in their command center. The DynaLOCKR system eliminates time-consuming travel to and from an ammunition supply point, keeping first responders safe
and reducing mission response times.”
said Holger Weigel, CSO at Dynasafe.

The DynaLOCKR F7 and F10 are designed to serve a wide variety of needs for the explosives engineering, blasting, drilling, mining, fireworks and pyrotechnic industries. They are considered to be urban magazines where small amounts of explosive materials are stored. The DynaLOCKR F7 is a one-drawer explosive storage chamber system that can contain a 2kg TNT equivalent charge. The DynaLOCKR F10 is a two-drawer explosive storage chamber system that can contain a 2kg TNT equivalent charge.

DynaLOCKR F7/F10

DynaLOCKR F7/F10’s propriety technology provides highly effective protection at minimal weight and at an affordable price. The chamber contains the pressures and fragments released by an explosion.

DynaLOCKR F10’s limited arc design has blast resistant drawers which prevent sympathetic detonation. The safety distance for operators is one meter from the chamber.

The DynaLOCKR F7/F10 can easily be relocated to a new command or operation site with a
forklift or small crane.







Technical Data

Suspect package metrics
NEQ 2 kg of TNT 2 kg of TNT
Repeated detonations 1 1
Package size (LWH) 860 X 620 X 433 2 drawers with 3 compartments
465 X 350 X 400 mm
Maximum weight 50 kg 2 drawers of 50 kg each
Chamber Metrics
Total length 1,055 closed/ 1,831 mm open 1,155 closed /2,092 mm open
Total width 923 mm 1,193 mm
Total height* 1,000-1,060 mm 1,400-1460 mm
Drawer height* 495 – 555 mm Drawer 1 590-650 mm
Drawer 2 1000-1060 mm
Chamber weight 950 kg 1780 kg

Product Availability

The DynaLOCKR F7 and the DynaLOCKR F10 were recently delivered to an elite unit of the French National Police. The DynaSEALR F7 and F10 systems are part of Dynasafe’s commitment to deliver innovations to the Law Enforcement and Military Community. For a quotation or for more information, please feel free to get in touch with your regional Area Sales Manager.

About Dynasafe

Dynasafe creates trusted and innovative solutions to make the world a safer place. We design and manufacture explosive containment chambers, chemical and conventional munitions disposal systems, and filtration systems for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and the demilitarization industries. We draw on our 25-year history of service to the Defense industry and our culture of continuous improvement to create value for our customers.


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