Dynasafe announces the launch of the Q5 explosive containment chamber

May 15, 2021

Karlskoga, Sweden – May 15th, 2021 – Dynasafe announces the launch and availability of the DynaSEALR Q5.

The DynaSEALR Q5 is a versatile and mobile alternative to larger explosive containment chambers. Given its size and mobility options, the Q5 can easily maneuver inside an office complex, through the seating area in a sports arena, or between stadium seating in convention centers, effectively shutting down and containing a terrorist threat.

Render-safe protocol for hazardous explosive device retrieval requires a containment vessel to be deployed for the removal and disposal of an IED. The Q5 is the perfect solution for bomb squads that have a conventional total containment chamber or police departments with budget constraints. Since the Q5 can be mounted on a pick-up truck or in an SUV, there is no need to deploy a 3.5-ton containment chamber. This offers flexibility to the bomb squad and offers greater protection to the community. Also, the Q5 is a fraction of the price of a larger chamber and offers the same benefits as a larger TCV. The Q5 provides containment against blast pressures, explosive fragments, and hazardous agents or chemicals of an IED.


DynaSEALR Q5 can contain 1 kg TNT-eq and maintain its gas-tightness. It can contain up to 2 kg TNT-eq and protect the surrounding area from damage but will not stay gas-tight.

DynaSEALR Q5’s propriety technology provides highly effective protection at minimal weight and an affordable price.

The DynaSEALR Q5 can be easily deployed close to the point of threat.

Optional Additions

Fragmentation Shielding can be fixed to the inner chamber lining for additional containment capability against fragmenting IED.

A Pipe Bomb Holder allows the placement of IED in the center of the chamber platform to ensure total containment of IEDs with high-velocity fragments.

By Mounting on a Robotic Drive Unit, operators can navigate the chamber through tight spaces with ease.

Product Availability

The DynaSEALR Q5 mobile explosive containment chamber was developed based on customer feedback and is part of Dynasafe’s commitment to listening to their clients and deliver on their requirements. For a quotation or more information, please feel free to get in touch with your regional Area Sales Manager. See it in action at https://vimeo.com/511255439

About Dynasafe

Dynasafe creates trusted and innovative solutions to make the world a safer place. We design and manufacture explosive containment chambers, chemical and conventional munitions disposal systems, and filtration systems for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and demilitarization industries. We draw on our 30-year history of service to the Defense industry and our culture of continuous improvement to create value for our customers.

Email inquiries to abigail.peeler@dynasafe.com  or visit here for more product information.

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